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Said In Stitches

I’ve been working in the theatre and film industry for over 20 years and have mostly been an assistant costume supervisor and buyer, yet always helping out making things during technical rehearsals and as a hobby. I then decided to take a side step on my creative path to focus on a more hands on role. I am now a Costume Craftsperson which means I make all the “crafty bits”! Hats and headdresses, costume decoration, shoe painting, embroidery all those sorts of things. I love making things that are a bit out of the ordinary. 

My side hustle, Said In Stitches; creative needlework, has come into prominence during these troubling, unemployed Covid times. I create my work with a needle and thread not a machine in sight! I love making mementos for people to keep - converting children’s pictures into embroidered works of art - and lettering are my main things. Recently I have added portraits to my repertoire as well, though I will certainly tackle any project that comes my way as variety is what keeps things interesting. 

Find my work on Instagram at:


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