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Stage Pins

Paul and Katy are two Stage Managers who met on We Will Rock You. With all the time that we have had on our hands during lockdown we decided to set up Stage Pins to bring a bit of Theatre into your everyday life. We sell limited edition Theatre related pin badges. As part of our Not On the West End Feature day we are releasing our & Juliet Pin! We release new pins every other month so keep an eye on our social media. We are very grateful for the opportunity that Not on the Westend is proving for people in our industry who are creating side hustles.

Facebook - @Stage.Pins

Instagram - @Stage_Pins

Twitter - @StagePins

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A white backdrop with an enamel pin based on Carrie Hope Fletcher playing the part of Veronica Sawyers dressed in her Blue Heathers jacket for the UK Production of Heathers

Middle: A white background with an enamel pin based on Jac Yarrow playing the part of Joseph in the London Palladium Production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. He is dressed in his Fabulous Technicoloured Dreamcoat.

Right: A white background with an enamel pin based on Miriam-Teak Lee playing the part of Juliet in the UK West End production of & Juliet. She is dressed in her stylish Red Jacket with a gold Juliet necklace.]


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