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Amy Lou Creates

Oh hey there! It's Amy from @amy_lou_creates here!

Before the pandemic I was training to be a scenic artist, having done placements with The National, RSC and Rocket Scenery to name just a few. 2020 was going to be the year that I launched into my freelance career but with the industry almost completely closed I looked for a different way to use my painting skills! (Anyone who knows me will tell you that just sitting and waiting for things to come back just wasn't an option for me!)

At first I invested in an iPad and Apple Pencil as a graduation gift to myself and started illustrating feminine artwork inspired by nature which I still sell as prints and greetings cards.

More recently I have been painting glassware and ceramics (my spring range of ceramics has launched just last Friday!) which has been hugely successful and has incorporated my need to pick up a physical paintbrush. This work is also inspired by nature being predominantly floral.

I'd love to welcome you into my community both on Instagram and Facebook which is where you'll find the most up to date information on what I'm working on and when new stock is likely to be launched!

If you have any commission ideas for either digital illustrations and/or glassware then please don't hesitate to message me I am always more than happy to help!

[Image Descriptions:

left - A white ceramic trinket dish with lots of small orange, yellow and red flowers painted on it. In the dish is a silver ring and a pair of silver dreamcatcher earrings. A pale pink plant pot is behind the trinket dish and a stack of books are to the right of the image. All of these are situated on a white shelf.

Middle - An illustration of a cute brown and tan dachshund looking directly at the viewer on a pale pink background.

Right - Two hand painted tumblers on a white shelf. The tumbler on the left has clusters of white, purple, yellow and red flowers on it whilst the tumbler on the right has blue, yellow and white flowers all over it. In between the tumblers is a small hand painted vase with yellow, red and white flowers painted on it. In the vase are pink and white gerberas.]


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