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Bystanders Podcast

Bystanders mental-health podcast is hosted by Chase Marks, a London based stage technician of many years with a keen interest in changing your mind. During the pandemic we all started to look to each other for support and in many ways became Bystanders to other peoples mental health. Podcasting has done so much to educate us and keep us company during this very challenging year and this podcast set out to get more people talking about the difficult conversation of mental health.

What's unique about Bystanders mental health podcast is that it tells the stories of partners, carers and professionals. We believe their perspective is just as important to the story of mental health. Their thoughts, feelings and ways of coping can help guide us through our own challenges when we come to support those around us.

Kicking off season two! Dr. Lulu - paediatrician and LGBTQ* Parent Coach. @askdoctorlulu In this episode we talk to Dr Lulu about being a proud mother of a Non-Binary Young Adult and her work with teen suicide prevention.


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