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Castle Cottage Wreaths

Hi my name’s Claira and last September I started up my new business Castle Cottage Wreaths.

Life for me Pre-covid was all things costume at the Apollo Victoria theatre with Wicked.

Used to working with my hands, I’m forever passionate for the hard work that goes into hand making and crafting something myself.

A lover of a more natural approach, Castle cottage wreaths are 100% biodegradable and are constructed using dried and preserved flowers and foliage.

Pre made and bespoke wreaths are available.

Any enquiries please get in touch.

Here’s to new adventures! Claira x

Insta: @castlecottagewreaths

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A heart shaped wreath made up of dried pink flowers, poppy heads and dried pink hydrangeas hangs upon a black barn door

Middle: Collage of 5 photos. Top left is a picture of myself wearing a white shirt and tan hat in a field of grass and wheat.

Bottom left picture is a green and yellow half dried flower wreath hanging upon a white door.

Bottom middle picture is of a white, green eucalyptus and yellow full wreath with a olive green hanging ribbon upon a grey barn door.

Bottom right picture is a full wreath made up of dark pink, purple flowers and green foliage with a dark purple silk ribbon bow hung upon a white door.

Top right picture is a full wreath made up of dried hydrangeas with a dark purple silk ribbon hanging upon a white door.

Right: A wreath consisting of dried autumn foliage, oak leaves, pine cones, acorns and dried apple hangs on a wooden door with a black castle cottage wreath sign in the middle.]


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