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Junglebird Villa Crafts

Hi, I'm Jo from @junglebirdvilla_crafts  

I have been a lighting technician for the last 10(ish) years. I spent half of that time in and around the London theatre scene and from there went freelance into the world of private parties/ fashion shows/ film premiers/ rock n roll and everything in between. Obviously that all changed in March 2020…

I have been making tiny needlefelt animals for a few years now as I have always had an obsession with anything tiny, cute and critter related and always loved making things! They started as little presents for friends and family (and myself!) but now I have the time (so much time) I want to share them with the world… 

So please go have a little look, meet my budgie Little Bro (apart from setting up my small business he has been the best idea I’ve had during lockdown!) follow our journey, enjoy the creatures and bird related cuteness and treat yourself or a loved one to a tiny unique gift…perfect for Christmas!

There is a link to my Etsy page in my insta bio or feel free to DM me for mini commissions (get in early for christmas presents!)


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