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Macrame by Bing Bong

Hello! I’m Katie, creator of @macramebybingbong, and Stage Manager in ‘normal’ circumstances.

I should be spending this summer on the stage management team at Glyndebourne Opera Festival followed by their tour through until Christmas. However, due to Covid-19, both the festival and tour were cancelled. 

Ever since the theatres closed in March, I’ve been looking for various projects to get myself involved with. After spending a lot of time learning a new skill, I began to sell my macramé creations online via my Etsy shop.

You can find my own designs on my Etsy shop in the form of plant hangers, tapestries & other handmade creations. However, I am more than happy to do commissions. Either message me on Etsy, message me via my Facebook page ( or email me on and we can discuss something perfect for you!


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